The large-format colour photographs from the cycle mountains, grasslands and woods by conceptual photographer Julian Kirschler show at first sight exactly what the title says: photographs of nature. In their digital elevation by the artist, however, these landscapes revisit places with romantic connotations: Kirschler's visual language removes the dust off access to home, location, inwardness. And at the same time visualizes being on the move itself: In the flowing, fleeing moment of a FLOWshot, as the photographer calls his landscape photography from a moving position. The familiar perspective he bases on universally valid childhood memories: "It's the same perspective as when we watched the landscape fly past us on vibrating windows in cars, buses or trains." 
Evelyn Pschak von Rebay
(Excerpt from:The artist platform YOU ARE HERE::@///wolken.kuckucks.heim – Berge, Wiesen und Wälder- Ein Showroom-Besuch)